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On behalf of the MATOD’s Board of Directors, I am delighted to welcome you to your new website – www.MATOD.org.

We hope that you will visit frequently to learn about OTP related news; upcoming meetings, trainings, conferences and events; advocacy opportunities; regulatory and legislative information and membership related information. It is still a work in progress, so please stop by often.

As your new President, I am honored and excited to continue the important work related to advocacy, best-practices, stigma reduction and provider reimbursement models; and very grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with Vickie Walters, our President Elect; Mariana Izraelson, our Secretary; Babak Imanoel, our Treasurer; Ken Stoller, our AATOD Liaison; and Marian Currens, our Immediate Past President.

The continuity from our last to our current Board helps MATOD continue our important work for improved treatment access and availability; better understanding of opioid addiction and its treatment by our elected officials and neighbors; stigma reduction among healthcare providers and the public; and meaningful collaboration with the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA), Medicaid, Beacon Health Options (BHO) and our Local Addiction Authorities (LAAs).

MATOD’s mission continues to be the promotion of high-quality, effective medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction, so individuals, families, and communities can lead healthy lives in recovery and without stigma.

MATOD members include thousands of highly trained and dedicated counselors, social workers, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, psychologists, peer recovery specialists and administrative personnel who work every day to save lives by offering assessments, counseling, medication, education, case management, referrals, support and many other essential health care services.

MATOD is currently composed of approximately:

0+ Professional treatment-oriented organizations from across the State
0+ Maryland community and hospital based Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs)
0+ Local Addiction Authority (LAA), Local Behavioral Health Authority (LBHA), Public Policy and Advocacy agencies

While Maryland’s Behavioral Health Administration, Medicaid’s Office of Health Services and Beacon Health Options (Maryland’s Administrative Service Organization) are not members, MATOD shares a strong partnership with each of them on behalf of the consumers under our care.

MATOD works tirelessly and collaboratively to increase access to treatment, improve the quality of treatment, reduce overdoses and remove the stigma associated with both the disease of addiction and its treatments. As of July 2017, Maryland OTPs provided comprehensive medication assisted treatment for over 30,000 Marylanders with Opioid Use Disorders (OUD). Since this is only a fraction of the friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers and others who need treatment, we want and need every Maryland OTP to become a MATOD member. It takes each and every OTP to share their time, energy, voice, expertise and commitment for MATOD to:

  • Promote and protect the stability, availability and growth of OTP services
  • Enhance and protect the quality of patient care in the provision of services to opioid dependent individuals and their families.
  • Promote and protect state regulations and policies that govern access, availability, quality and reimbursement of OTP services
  • Promote and provide information to the public, communities, health care providers, government leaders and agencies to improve understanding and reduce stigma
  • Provide important and timely communications regarding proposed changes and advancements related to OTPs and our patients

We look forward to the work that is in front of us, and hope that all of you will join us in whatever way you can.

Thank you for your continued advocacy and commitment on behalf of the people under our care, and those who love them.

Howard Ashkin, MMH, PsA

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